Halyard's Sustainability Commitment

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Sustainability or Corporate Citizenship is about more than just doing the right thing. It creates a competitive advantage for Halyard Health — whether it's direct value, like cost savings, or indirect value, like the ability to recruit and retain top talent. It also attracts customers and suppliers who want to do business with companies that operate in a transparent, responsible and ethical manner.

Our Halyard Health team has inherited a process that is continuously improving how we operate and how we embed sustainability into the culture of our business. In 2013, we celebrated achievements in each of our sustainability pillars — People, Planet and Products:

  • Our team finds value-added opportunities for materials that would otherwise be destined for a landfill in both our manufacturing processes and by helping users of our products to identify non-landfill solutions. As a result, 99.91% of Halyard Health manufacturing waste is diverted from landfill.
  • Within the manufacturing arena in 2013, we celebrated our achievement of 78% in renewable energy in our own manufacturing facilities. As a result, we have also achieved a 12% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) over the 2010 baseline set by Kimberly-Clark in the same facilities, which are now Halyard Health facilities.
  • We maintain the largest recycling program of a single product out of the OR, today, with an estimated three million pounds of HALYARD* Sterilization Wrap diverted from landfills per year as a result of our Blue ReNew* Sterilization Wrap Recycling Program. Additionally, we have collaborated through the Healthcare Plastics Recycling Council along with other industry suppliers, material providers and waste experts to provide the first accredited recycling education, worth two continuing education credits to hospital nurses, nurse techs and central service workers in the United States.
  • We align with a rich origin that continues to focus on a global safety strategy that engages all Halyard Health employees in delivering our vision of a safe workplace — zero fatalities and zero reportable incidents. The strategy engages employees in four key areas: leadership, accountability, risk mitigation and a robust environmental health and safety management system.

Customers, employees, investors, suppliers and communities all expect more from corporations that they care about. My hope is that our sustainability results set an industry standard and live up to our stakeholders' expectations. More importantly, we seek to consistently raise the bar we set for ourselves to create a more sustainable future by continuously improving the well-being of people we touch every day.



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Robert Abernathy 

Sustainability Report

The origin of Halyard Health is Kimberly-Clark Corporation - 2013 Kimberly-Clark Sustainability Report