For Patients & Caregivers

An estimated 1.7 million Americans each year suffer from an infection they get while in a healthcare facility.<sup>1</sup> The good news is there are many steps that patients and their families can take to actually reduce the risk of acquiring a healthcare-associated infection.

Preventing Infection

Healthcare-associated infections, sometimes called hospital-acquired infections or HAIs, are infections that patients acquire during a stay in a hospital or other healthcare facility, while being treated for another condition.

HAIs are a serious healthcare concern for anyone who receives medical care in a healthcare facility.  According to the CDC, about 1 in every 20 hospitalized patients will contract one of these potentially devastating infections.  In fact, HAIs cost more lives than breast cancer and HIV/AIDS combined.1

Join with your medical professionals to help prevent HAIs. Use this valuable information to learn how you can protect yourself or loved ones from healthcare-associated infections.

1Centers for Disease Control, 2009. Healthcare-Associated Infections. 

Patient HAI Education Website

Log on and learn!Halyard HAI educational website for patients and caregivers, for information about HAIs: what they are, who is at risk, and what you can do about it.

"Hand Hygiene Saves Lives" CDC Patient Admission Video

For hospital patients, this video explains the importance of proper hand hygiene in the hospital, for patients, visitors and healthcare providers as well.