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>Our top priority is to deliver easy and reliable digestive health solutions that help you improve patient outcomes and quality of life. Our trusted clinical solutions are utilized more often than any other around the world including our pioneering MIC-KEY* low-profile balloon-retained gastrostomy feeding tube and twin gold-standard for diagnosing H. pylori CLOtest* & PYtest*.



Fit for the Active Lifestyle for Adults

MIC* PEG Feeding Tubes

Help Prevent Your Patients fromPulling Out Their Feeding Tubes

MIC*, MIC-KEY* GJ Feeding Tubes

Better Jejunal Feeding with Gastric Decompression

Gastroenterology Solutions

Your guide to enteral access

Interventional Radiology Solutions

Initial Feeding Tube Placement. Simply Redefined.

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Laparoscopic Feeding Tube Placement Made Easier