Are you ready to BLUE RENEW*?

After HALYARD* Wrap has completed its first purpose of keeping the contents of your wrapped packages sterile, it’s ready to begin a second life as thousands of different products.

Responsibility. Pass it on.

Halyard has developed a step-by-step program to assist your facility in successfully recycling HALYARD* Wrap. We call it BLUE RENEW*.


Medical facilities across the United States are now recycling their used, clean HALYARD* Wrap, made from recyclable #5 polypropylene fabric. And there are recycling partners in your area who can help you do it, too.


Answer YES to these questions and you’re ready to BLUE RENEW*!

1. Does your Halyard Representative know you want to recycle your HALYARD* Sterilization Wrap? Give your representative a call. They are equipped to help you successfully implement a motivated team to BLUE RENEW*!

2. Is your OR Manager supportive? This is an important driver in the success of the program who may be able to help you identify leaders on each shift that are supportive as well.

3. Is there a “Green Team” representative from the OR? Although this isn't absolutely critical, it is important to make sure that an OR team member is on the green team. Maybe that’s you!

4. Do you have the cooperation of your Environmental Services group? Your environmental Services group is your link to the recycling process. They are your partners in a BLUE RENEW* program and any other recycling program you undertake. Working together with your EVS, you will be able to work through a process that will be successful for your team.

5. Do you have the backing of your facility’s leadership? Leadership support is a critical step to long-term commitment. You may have environmental focus in your mission statement that is equivalent to your mission to provide patient care excellence. Although, some hospitals may not have a formalized policy, there are ways to present recycling to your leadership.

The BLUE RENEW* Wrap Recycling program is designed to help recycle your everyday operating room sterilization wrap. By recycling, you reduce the overall impact of resources on the environment. We believe that every step can make a difference. So, BLUE RENEW* today! Contact your sales representative to find out more about this program.

Call your Halyard Representative today to take the first step to a BLUE RENEW* program. To find the representative for your facility, click here.