SMART-FOLD* Sterilization Wrap

Stronger. By Design.

in Numbers

  • 64% stronger
  • 3 times more tear-resistant
  • 2 times faster wrapping
  • 7 times easier to inspect

KIMGUARD* SMART-FOLD* Sterilization Wrap

Stronger. 64% more durable.

SMART-FOLD* Wrap has been designed with your toughest tasks in mind. Its impact-resistant fabric and triple-layer reinforcement zones are engineered to protect your heaviest trays and loaner sets from tears and cuts in handling.


Faster: 59% faster wrapping2

Independent studies comparing SMART-FOLD* wrap to ONE-STEP* simultaneous wrap show significantly faster wrapping time. Designed-in reference lines and positioning strips make wrapping a breeze. And the savings are even greater—70% faster—compared with sequential wrapping methods. In the OR our convenient pull-tabs and patented design3 make aseptic presentation quicker than ever.


Consistent high-quality barrier and Neat package - every time.


Easier: 86% faster inspections2

The sturdy fabric and extra reinforcement make damage to SMART-FOLD* wrap less likely, but, if a breach has occurred, the contrasting white inner fabric layer makes it easy to check for any tears or cuts. That’s why over 96% of users in a clinical evaluation1 rated new SMART-FOLD* Wrap “Easy” to “Very Easy” to use. Plus, it’s so easy and intuitive; it cuts training time by 43%--or more!


Download our handy

in-service poster

for CS and OR users.


Smarter: 22% less bulk2

The unique3 shape of SMART-FOLD* wrap reduces excess material, and that means less waste. Smart for your hospital, smart for the planet.


Serious protection. By design.

Like all Halyard products, SMART-FOLD* Sterilization Wrap meets the most rigorous industry standards for safety and performance, including resistance to fire, lint, abrasion, and microbial contamination.

● SMART-FOLD* wrap features POWERGUARD* technology, for the highest level of bacterial filtration effectiveness—99.9%.

● Meets the ISO 11607 microbial barrier challenge1, to protect instruments during storage, transport and handling.

Compatible. By design.

SMART-FOLD* is compatible with most common sterilization methods and sterilization equipment:



SMART-FOLD* Points of Interest Video

SMART-FOLD* Points of Interest Video

SMART-FOLD* Wrapping Steps Video

SMART-FOLD* Wrapping Steps Video

SMART-FOLD* Steps to Unwrap Video

SMART-FOLD* Steps to Unwrap Video

1 Data on file at Halyard.

2 Study comparing Kimguard* SMART-FOLD* Wrap to Kimguard One-Step* Sterilization Wrap, Kurt Salmon and Associates, 2011.

3 Halyard product specifications. US Patent No. US8261963