Facial Protection, Surgical Masks, Eyewear & Face Shields

Protection that lets everyone breathe easy in the OR

When they face the hazards of the Operating Room, every member of the surgical team requires serious protection. Protection that won't get in their way or distract them from the business at hand. Yet each individual on the team has their own idea of comfort. When it comes to protection for your face, "one size fits all" won't fit. Halyard provides the widest selection of surgical masks in the industry–with over 30 codes of reliable, comfortable surgical masks. Plus a range of fog-free and anti-glare eyewear and face shields. You'll find choices to fit the needs–and noses–of each and every member of the surgical team.


FLUIDSHIELD* Surgical Masks

A complete family of fluid-resistant facial protection

HALYARD* Face Shields and SAFEVIEW* Eyewear

Lightweight, anti-fog protection from splashing or spraying